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How Psychotherapy Can Help You Get Through Stressful Times

How Psychotherapy Can Help You Get Through Stressful Times

While you may not always be able to prevent stressful times from coming, there are things you can do to get through them as calmly as possible. One thing that has helped many people is psychotherapy.

Our psychiatry specialists at Alpha Care Medical are experts in providing psychotherapy, which can give you tools to better manage stress. In this blog, our providers explain what psychotherapy is and how it can help you.

When stress takes over

Stress is a natural human response to challenges and difficult situations. Everyone can experience stress from time to time, but if the stress becomes chronic, it can impact your emotional and physical health. For example, it can contribute to a variety of illnesses, such as:

You might assume that psychotherapy is reserved for people with a mental health diagnosis, such as depression or anxiety. However, psychotherapy can benefit anyone who faces challenges in life. When you come to Alpha Care Medical, our providers conduct psychiatric testing to diagnose or rule out underlying causes. They then design a behavioral health plan to meet your needs. 

The benefits of psychotherapy

Stressful periods in life can leave you searching for answers and trustworthy guidance. While a psychotherapist isn’t someone who can answer every question, a psychotherapist can offer new perspectives, teach you coping skills, and help you uncover the root causes of your stress. 

Psychotherapy, which uses a variety of techniques, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), can equip you to handle stressors as they arise. It can also give you a better understanding of your emotions and help you control your reactions to them. 

Your therapist at Alpha Care Medical helps you set immediate goals and long-term goals, and they work together with you to help you realize them.

Choosing the right setting

The Alpha Care Medical team advises you on how often to schedule psychotherapy visits. They can also direct you to the appropriate type or types of therapy based on your individual needs.

Individual therapy

During individual therapy sessions, you work one-on-one with a licensed psychotherapist. They may recommend CBT to help you identify and alter your negative thought patterns, or they may recommend another therapeutic technique that aligns with your needs. 

Group therapy

You might feel particularly supported through group therapy, because you can connect with other people who experience similar challenges to yours. Group therapy is mediated by a licensed psychotherapist. 

Are you feeling stressed and want to see how psychotherapy can help you? Contact Alpha Care Medical to book an appointment today.

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