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I've Been Injured in an Accident: What Should I Do?

Accidents happen everywhere and all the time. In fact, there are 6 million car accidents, 8 million slip-and-fall accidents, and 2.8 million workplace injuries every year.

Unfortunately, accidents are inevitable, and chances are you’ll have one at some point in your life. So the best thing you can do is be prepared in case the worst happens. 

At Alpha Care Medical, our team is dedicated not only to treating your injuries but educating you on what to do after you’ve been hurt in an accident

Your first steps after an accident

First, you should assess your pain and injuries and get help. If you’re bleeding and can’t stop it, if you have broken bones, if you’re in extreme pain, or if you wake up after having lost consciousness, call 911 or have someone nearby seek emergency medical attention.

Once you’re out of danger, whether you’ve been in a car crash, slipped on someone’s property, or sustained an injury at work, your next step is to carefully and accurately document your injuries. No matter whose fault it is, you’ll likely need to give an account to law enforcement or insurance agents at some point. 

Don’t put off treating your injuries. Waiting too long to get treatment or trying to treat your injuries on your own — even if they seem mild — can prove detrimental to any compensation you may be entitled to later. 

Your best option is to come in and see one of our medical experts right away, especially if your injuries are severe or your symptoms don’t subside quickly. 

Treating your injuries

We see a wide variety of injuries from many types of accidents. These injuries range from mild to severe and can sometimes take days to show symptoms. Fortunately, our providers are equipped to handle many types of injuries, such as:

Our list of therapies is just as long as the list of injuries we treat. After you meet with our team and discuss the specifics of your accident and symptoms, we’ll create a customized treatment. 

We use functional medicine when addressing accident-related injuries. This means we address a patient’s whole-body health needs instead of focusing only on the injury. 

These whole-body treatments and therapies include:

We’ll help you find relief from your injuries while simultaneously supporting your overall health and well-being. 

If you’ve been in an accident and have questions about what to do next, or if you need to be evaluated for your injuries, book an appointment over the phone with Alpha Care Medical today.

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