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The Importance of Having a Primary Care Specialist

The Importance of Having a Primary Care Specialist

Primary care providers are the central hubs for medical care. For example, you can go to them with your questions and concerns and get personalized answers. And, they can track your health over time and monitor trends, take proactive measures to help keep you from getting ill, and treat you when you do get sick.

The good news is that around 76% of people in the United States have a primary care provider. However, that means around 24% of people don’t have one. If you’re in the latter group, you should seriously consider getting a primary care provider.

At Alpha Care Medical, with locations in Seaford, Millsboro, Harrington, and Dover, Delaware, our providers can take care of a variety of health care needs, such as functional medicinepain management care, and psychiatric care. We’re also experts in providing primary care.

In this blog, we discuss more about the benefits of having a primary care provider.

Personalization and prevention

Personalized health care is the big key to long-term health. Since everyone is different, everyone needs specialized advice and care.

When it comes to preventive care, your provider can provide the appropriate disease screenings and vaccinations. Furthermore, your provider can take any needed measurements and tests to update your health chart and monitor trends. With these updates, your provider can make real-time recommendations to improve your health or help you stay healthy.

Depending on your situation, your provider may develop a care plan that could include any of the following:

In short, your primary care provider can do a lot to help keep you healthy at any age. 

A partner you can trust

A primary care provider is someone you can trust with all of your medical information. Furthermore, they’re already familiar with your medical history, so you don’t have to reintroduce yourself and provide a summary of your health at every visit. 

Because your primary care provider is already aware of your needs and preferences, they’re able to give you personalized advice that can benefit your health and wellness. They can partner with you to help you live your best life.

A bridge to other providers

If you have a health condition that falls outside the scope of primary care, your primary care provider can team up with specialists, such as cardiologists, urologists, and pulmonologists, so you can get the care you need.

Because your primary care provider knows you and is familiar with your health status, they can choose specialists who will meet your needs. And, as you see the specialists, your primary care provider stays updated every step of the way, so they can make adjustments if needed.

If you need a primary care provider, we can help. To learn more, book an appointment online or over the phone with Alpha Care Medical today.

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