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The Importance of Having an Annual Physical – Even if You Feel Fine

Do you avoid annual physicals? You’re in good company. Millions of people avoid going to the doctor, especially millennials. These people often think there’s no reason to see a doctor unless they’re ill. They’re pressed for time and money. And they don’t want to invest in an annual physical if everything seems in good working order.

The medical professionals at Alpha Care Medical want to make sure you’re as healthy as you feel. Here’s how an annual physical can help assure your continued good health.

1. Many illnesses lack symptoms

Do you skip annual physical because you feel fit and fine? We’re glad you don’t experience pain, discomfort, or other symptoms on a day-to-day basis. But an absence of symptoms doesn’t mean you’re healthy; it can just mean that symptoms of an illness have not emerged yet.

Things can go wrong inside your body without showing signs on the outside. For example, high blood pressure is known as “the silent killer” because it usually lacks symptoms until something traumatic occurs, like a stroke or heart attack. Also, some early stages of cancers, like chronic leukemia, have no symptoms and can only be detected by the routine blood tests performed during an annual physical.

2. An annual physical can get a jump on health problems

The best way to solve a health problem is to stop it before it’s too late. When you get a physical exam every year, you increase the chances of finding problems early before you’re feeling sick, and when health problems are most treatable. Getting your annual physical can extend your lifespan and help you maintain or improve your quality of life. 

3. Your doctor can refer you to a specialist

If an annual physical finds a health condition that requires treatment outside of their expertise, your physician can refer you to a specialist in the area. And if your condition requires more than one specialist, your primary care doctor can act as a traffic cop who helps you manage different treatments.

4. Annual physicals help you form a doctor-patient bond

It’s important that your primary care provider gets to know you, and you get to know your doctor. Annual physicals help you establish a clinical bond. Continuity and comprehensiveness are critical to receiving adequate care, and only a doctor who knows you can provide that level of treatment. 

Annual physicals help your doctor get an accurate and complete record of your health, which will help your provider to connect any potential dots and provide the best health care.

To learn more about getting annual physicals, and to schedule yours, call Alpha Care Medical at 800-818-8680. 

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