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What Can I Expect at My Functional Medicine Appointment?

What Can I Expect at My Functional Medicine Appointment?

Over the years, modern medicine has delivered some amazing new technology and life-saving breakthroughs that have benefitted doctors and patients alike. But the model of health care has been stagnant for far too long. 

Most physicians focus primarily on identifying and reducing symptoms, and as they seek to streamline their productivity and maximize their profit, they’ve shaved the length of their appointments drastically. One study showed that they spend an average of 17-24 minutes with each patient.

We do things differently at Alpha Care Medical. We view you as more than a set of symptoms to address. We see you, and everything that makes you who you are. This shift is more than our philosophy, it’s a revolutionary new field called functional medicine. Here’s what you can expect from your personal functional medicine appointment here at Alpha Care Medical.

How we see you differently

Our functional medicine approach to health care fundamentally changes the way we see you in every way.

We see you longer

Health care is complex, and it takes more than a few minutes to understand all that’s in play. We can give your health the time it deserves.

We see you more completely

We consider you as a whole person with unique physical and psychological attributes that affect your health

We see you in your surroundings

Our team understands that your environment and lifestyle have a great impact on your health.

These three aspects of the doctor-patient relationship upend the traditional way most people are accustomed to receiving health care.

Here’s what happens at a functional medicine appointment

While there are some general questions, procedures, and attitudes you can expect, no two appointments are alike, because no two patients are alike. That said, here are some areas we always cover.

Your symptoms

Unless you’re coming in for a health screening or wellness visit, we begin our conversation with your symptoms.

However, rather than treating them with the sole aim of stopping them, we aim to stop whatever’s causing your symptoms. In this way, we can help you resolve your health issues at their source, so you can be rid of your symptoms for good.

Your medical history

Much of your functional health appointment focuses on your medical history, because many medical mysteries can be solved by understanding what your body has already been through. Past illnesses, injuries, and even medications and surgeries can affect your present health. 

Our team is trained to detect connections between your history and your current condition, so we take time to delve into it.

Your family’s medical history

Come to your functional medicine appointment ready to dish on your kin. You don’t have to divulge any family secrets, but the more you can tell us about the illnesses that run in your family, the better we can assess your risk for certain health conditions. Every bit of information you bring to your appointment is a potential clue about what’s causing your symptoms.

Your daily routine

It’s no surprise that we want to know about your diet and exercise routine, as these are key factors in everyone’s health and well-being. But we want to know even more than that. 

We ask you about how much sleep you get, whether or not you get it regularly, and how you feel when you wake up. 

We also dive into your daily routine to identify any habits that may be contributing to your condition. Excess stress, an unhealthy work environment, and certain herbs and supplements can all be factors we need to consider.

Physical exam

After we’ve gathered all the information we can, we conduct a thorough exam to get a closer look at your physical condition. Our team checks your vital signs, weight, waist circumference, skin, joints, strength and balance, and much more to establish a baseline of your health.

Next steps

Your appointment doesn’t end with a pat on the head and a prescription, although we may prescribe medication if necessary. Instead, you can expect to hear what we advise as the next steps in exploring your health to get to the bottom of your symptoms. 

This may take the form of diagnostic tests, health screenings, nutritional counseling, physical therapy, behavioral health therapy, or any other modality that can help us get you healthy again.

How to switch to functional medicine

If functional medicine sounds like a much more logical way to approach health care, and you want to take advantage of the benefits that so many patients are realizing, book an appointment over the phone with Alpha Care Medical today. We have offices in Seaford, Millsboro, Harrington, and Dover, Delaware.

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