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Alpha Care Medical

Primary Care Provider & Behavioral Health located in Seaford, DE & Millsboro, DE

Everyone needs a primary care provider to manage their general health needs. Alpha Care Medical is a primary care practice that takes a patient-centered approach and utilizes a combination of traditional medical treatments and alternative therapies to help you get the well-rounded primary care you need. For comprehensive primary care from a team focused on you and your health, contact the office in Seaford, Millsboro, Harrington, or Dover, Delaware, by phone.

Primary Care Q & A

What is primary care?

Primary care serves as your medical home base, or the first stop for all your medical needs. The primary care providers at Alpha Care Medical spent years training so they can diagnose and treat any physical, behavioral, or mental health issues that affect anyone ages 12 and older. 

In addition to treating health conditions, the primary care team also manages your general health and wellness with a focus on preventive care. 

What are primary care services?

Alpha Care Medical is a full-service primary care practice and offers a range of services. Some of the primary care services you can expect include:

  • Annual wellness exam
  • Treatment of unexpected illnesses
  • Chronic disease management
  • Referral to specialists

Your primary care provider also serves as your health care advocate and ensures you get the medical care and services needed to address your specific health needs. 

The primary care practice also offers behavioral health, psychiatry, and pain management services. The integrated medical team specializes in functional medicine, which is a type of medical care that focuses on treating the root cause of your symptoms or disease instead of simply managing your symptoms. 

What can I expect during a primary care appointment?

You can expect comprehensive and compassionate care from the team at Alpha Care Medical during a primary care appointment. 

The patient-centered team takes the time to really listen to you so they have a good understanding of your health needs and can develop the most effective treatment plan. 

The specifics of your appointment may depend on the reason for your visit. However, the team takes a holistic approach to care and addresses all of your health needs no matter the need for your appointment. 

Can primary care manage my chronic health condition?

Yes, the primary care team at Alpha Care Medical can manage your chronic health condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or arthritis. 

However, unlike other primary care providers, the team at Alpha Care Medical focuses your treatment plan on the root cause of your chronic illness and collaborates with you to help you gain control over your chronic condition. 

This approach not only empowers you to actively participate in the management of your chronic disease but also prevents the condition from worsening or leading to other health complications. 

For patient-centered primary care, contact Alpha Care Medical by phone.

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